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Honoring the Federalist-style architecture of the original structure which served the Roanoke Community for nearly 95 years, the new Roanoke Elementary School boasts over 88,000 square feet of open, colorful, and modern educational space for the community’s Pre-K through 5th grade students. 

Open hallways, modern LED lighting, and extensive high-visibility glass provide a friendly greeting to all who enter the facility through the front door. To provide secure and logistically efficient student movement, a separate entrance for students utilizing busing also greets pupils with the same inviting and engaging atmosphere.

Amenities found within the educational environment include a media center allowing students to access high-speed internet, collaborate on teambuilding activities in areas found throughout, or simply to relax with a good book on any of the comfortable and abundant couches and chairs.  The cafeteria space caters to 21st-century student needs of high-quality nutrition served in a friendly and easy-to-access environment, while the oversized educational rooms allow educators to instruct students as a group or in smaller focused teams.  The athletic space, rivaling many high schools in beauty and features, also adds to the overall sense that this building is a special place for learning.  Wireless technology is available throughout the building via an extensive network, adding to the high-quality educational atmosphere. 

Location: Roanoke, Indiana
Year: 2020
Construction Value: $19,050,000
Architect: Barton Coe Vilamaa
Scope: New Construction

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