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Local Construction Firm Emits Shades of Green

(Auburn, IN): FCI Construction recently added two new electric vehicles to their company fleet. The long-time Auburn based construction firm chose two midnight silver Tesla Model 3’s as their inaugural vehicles.

Electric vehicles were chosen as a feature of the FCI Building Better – Building Efficiency initiative because of their history of low lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Recent studies have shown these to emit less than one-third CO2 and other pollutants. Also, with recent improvements in technology, safety, and operations, the EV approach has been shown to lower overall operation costs both in maintenance and energy demand.

Constructing sustainable buildings which minimize the overall carbon footprint both during construction and throughout the operating lifetime has become an ever-increasing focus by several of FCI’s national customers. Along with this, FCI began efforts several years prior on ways to improve the efficiency of the building process to both conserve resources and ultimately improve the company’s position. This partnership of customer demand and company desire has resulted in the establishment of FCI’s green focus.

FCI is in the beginning staging’s of a multistep process that will be implemented over the next ten years in Building Efficiency that includes boosting the value of buildings we construct, decreasing operations costs for our customers, making buildings sustainable/resilient/hyper-efficient/and people centered, and igniting innovation & technological progress. The latter of these is the basis for the EV vehicle fleet effort at FCI.

FCI is a construction management, design build, and general contracting firm located in Auburn, Indiana. In business for over 26 years, FCI has constructed over $1 billion of buildings in Northeast Indiana, making it one of the leaders in commercial construction for this area.

For more information, please contact Nick Alwine, VP Operations for FCI. His phone number is (260) 927-8516.

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